I liked this episode, but just thought it was okay, nothing special. It wasn’t awful, but I thought some things about this episode were weird. First, I’ll start off saying there’s no finchel in this one shippers. Next the weird things, Mercedes obsessing about tattertots for one. It’s seems a little out of character for me to see Mercedes so into tattertots because of her supposed need for a boyfriend. I just didn’t buy it. Also, who would have foresaw Mercedes sticking tattertots up Sue Sylvester’s tail pipe? That’s pretty uncharacteristic of her. Next, Terri and Will having sex, doesn’t this go against what the first thirteen episodes of the first season. That they should not be together?
Okay, there were positives in this episode. Rachel’s storyline was fine in this episode. All of the song and dance numbers were good. I enjoyed “Forget You” and the mash-up of “Singin in the Rain/Umbrella”. The dancing by Mike Chang in “Make ‘Em Laugh” was nice. Overall, other than Mercedes’ storyline a good episode. I will give this one a C+. The Brittany quote of the night is “I stopped after M and N. I felt they were too similar and got frustrated.”


Unfortunately due to something called United States midterm elections, there is no new Glee episode this week. Glee will resume broadcasting new episodes on November 9th. Until then, here is the promo.

Glee: “Duets” Review

October 12, 2010

I know some people have been a little disappointed by the episodes so far this season, but this episode is different. The Finchel fans will love their scenes together. Their duets of “Don’t go Breaking My Heart” and “With You I’m Born Again” were cute and funny respectively. For people who thought Kurt acted inappropriately towards Finn in the first season, you will get to see Kurt learn that he needs to know when to stop before he almost tries the same thing with Sam who is now in the Glee Club. There are good scenes with Kurt and Rachel in this episode and share a nice duet together. For Artie and Brittany’s storyline, we see Brittany play Artie for his talent. A quick spoiler, Artie loses his virginity to Brittany! Who saw that coming? Also, a bit of a shocker, we see Brittany and Santana making in Brittany’s Bedroom. Next up, we finally get to see Mike Chang(Other Asian) sing! Well, not really sing actually, we get a duet of “Sing!” from the musical “A Chorus Line” with Tina doing most of the singing. Finally we see the beginning of a Sam and Quinn relationship which allows us to hear their wonderful rendition of “Lucky”. Just so you know know, Quick shippers Puck wasn’t around to stop Sam because apparently he is in juvie now. Anyways, “Duets” was a strong episode with good character development. My grade for this episode is a solid “A”.

Quick update(well, not really an update)
A listen of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”

In the otherwise mediocre episode “Britney/Brittany”, the Finn and Rachel story-lines were probably one of the best story-lines of the episode. It is a must watch for Finchel shippers.

I think I’m a little too into celebrity/pop culture. I can’t go a week with out googling news of Scarlett Johansson. I think i know too much crap(ie. who Justin Bieber is, what “Jersey Shore”is. etc.) that is just pointless knowledge. Therefore, I think ill give up pop culture from now until the this day(July. 18) next year. I hope by this time next year ill be completely pop culture ignorant. I will make some exceptions, I still can’t give up “Glee” or “House”, but I will try hard to avoid pop culture news as much as possible. I will outline my plan as follows. For the next year I will do the following:

1.I will not read any entertainment magazines like: People, Rolling Stone, etc…
2.I will not read any celebrity interviews published after August 1 with anybody except for: Cory Monteith and Lea Michele.
3.I will not read, listen or watch any movie reviews done after today.
4.I will only watch “Infomania” once in 2009, and one more time in 2010; I will avoid the first part which usually deals with news.
5.I will press mute when i see celebrity news on T.V. and walk away.
6.My only authorized source of pop culture news will be twitter, gleeforum.com, the Gleeful podcast and facebook.
6a.I will not add any new celebrities to follow on facebook or twitter.
7.I will skip all interviews Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have with singers and actors and actresses.
8.I will not watch any movies released after today.
9.I will not watch any television shows except for “Glee”, “House”, “The Colbert Report”, “The Daily Show”, “Futurama”, and anything Lea Michele and Cory Monteith guest star on.
10.I will unsubscribe from the Gleeful podcast until the show starts again but I will allow myself to listen to two episodes before the season 2 premiere.
11.I will allow myself to watch this years Teen Choice Awards and the Emmys.
12.I will not listen to any music released after today(except for the music from Glee of course).

I think that should be about it… i’ll add anymore that I can think of later. Anyways I get this starts now!

I’ve been watching Glee from the beginning by now and I am a huge fan of the show(I can’t remember if i saw the Pilot when it first aired in May of 2009 or if it was September 2009). Anyways as I’m writing I have developed a huge Glee obsession after I watched the finale episode and I can’t figure out why. I’ve always liked the show and it’s not like the show is ending or anything(it’s been picked for two more seasons). I like the show because it’s different, I love the characters and so far it’s only had two episode I haven’t really liked(The Madonna episode and “Home”). While some critics point out some continuity issues, I personally don’t think they are too distracting and I think most fans will let them pass. Anyways, back to the point, I can’t figure out why I’m obsessed with Glee now! One possible explanation I can think of right now is that my inner finchel shipper has finally been pleased and I just can’t wait for season 2 when their relationship gets explored further. Well, thats all i can think of for now.
btw… lately I’ve been thinking to my self Lea Michele is pretty hot.

I jealous of Cory Monteith(aka Finn)... I would love to kiss her just once!

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