The episode tonight was solid. This episode focuses mostly on the Will, Emma and Carl love triangle. Will notices that Emma is slowly overcoming her O.C.D. and that Carl seems to really be making her a better person. This of course makes Will jealous and to impress Emma, Will makes the kids do Rocky Horror. In the first half hour Will seems like a jerk, he casts himself as Rocky after giving the role to Sam to get closer to Emma. Wemma fans do get to see a nice rendition of “Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me” with Brittany and Santana in the roles of Magenta and Columbia for this scene. Eventually, Carl confronts Will about Emma and Will decides to cancel the musical. He also decides that into to love Emma he must let her be with Carl.
There is also something for the Finchel fans in this episode. We do get a bit of a storyline with them and some background scenes. Finn and Rachel play Brad and Janet respectively. Finn hasn’t heard of the show before and when he and Rachel go to rehearse later Finn realizes he will have to be in his underwear, but he is a little insecure about his body. Rachel tries to reassure him, but he is still anxious about having to perform in his underwear. His conversations with Sam and Artie in the locker room only make his fears worse. In a later scene, Sam unknowingly gives Finn the idea to “show everybody how hot and sexy I am” by walking out in the school hallway in nothing but boxers and sneakers(I think my female readers enjoy that scene). That almost gets him suspended but he is let off with a warning. For the musical Finn and Rachel do “Damnit Janet” and “Over at the Frankenstein Place”. Both were enjoyable.
Sue Sylvester makes an appearance in this episode trying to create controversy over the glee club doing “Rocky Horror”. There is also a “Sue’s Corner” in this episode, my favourite Sue quote this week is “Halloween, that time of the year where little boys dress up like little girls and little girls dress up as whores.”(this quote might not be 100% accurate, but it captures the spirit of it.)
Overall, this was a solid episode. Not as good as “Duets” but still good. The quote of the night does not come from Brittany, but from Becky after she shows Will the tape of Sue doing an expose on the glee club. Becky tells Will “Give me some chocolate or I will cut you!” in a very adorable fashion. This episode gets a good B+.


Sorry, but this post will disappoint you. There is no way to review “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, it is just too weird for a review. I’ll will just have to direct you to the Wikipedia entry here. As for Glee related stuff, Finn and Rachel will play Brad and Janet and sing “Damnit Janet” and all Finchel lovers should love that. Anyways I leave you with a Youtube video.

Hello there, fellow Gleeks! As you will learn today(October 19, 2010) there will be no new episode of “Glee” airing today due to a little sport known as baseball. Fret not, fellow Glee fans as there will be a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” themed episode airing next week. Trailers for the next episode suggest the Glee Club will be putting on a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” musical. I will watch the original “Rocky Horror Picture Show” soon and post a quick synopsis and review here hopefully by the end of the week. Otherwise, try checking out “No Ordinary Family” it’s decent and if you were a “Heroes” fan then you should like this show.

In other Glee related news there is a issue of GQ magazine coming up soon with Cory Monteith, Dianna Agron and Lea Michele on the cover! Just have to say that it’s all very sexy. I will not post them or a link because of one good reason. You will need time and plenty of fresh air to see it, trust me your minds will be thoroughly blown away. Shippers of Lea and Cory be warned this is powerful stuff. Also, for you fellow Canadians out there Cory will be hosting the Gemini Awards this year.

Anyways here’s a bit of a preview for next week.

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