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*Author’s note:I been having these thoughts for a few months now and I just thought it would be best to write them down and publish them. Keep in mind that none of this should be taken too seriously. I based this off an open letter I read a few months ago during the Olympics. This is my first ever post to tumblr too, so be kind please.

Hey Guys,

First off: Congratulations on your success. Your guys portray your characters Finn and Rachel very well. A huge fan-base revolves around shipping Finn and Rachel, known in the fandom as Finchel. Also, if fan reaction is any indication, people undoubtedly want them back together.

And now the inevitable fan question has started popping up: that is, when are you start having babies? Yes, I have read the press about you two just being really great friends and how you think of each other as brother and sister. You have to understand though, it’s quotes like this one(from People last year) that get us a little annoyed.

“We’re great friends. We’ve become really close over the show, but we’re just friends. We’re not dating,” the actor, who plays McKinley High’s quarterback Finn Hudson on the FOX show, said Thursday at the Marshalls and T.J. Maxx “Carol-Oke” contest at New York’s Bryant Park.

On on-screen relationships you’ve said this:

“That seems really difficult. That seems like it would be tricky,” Monteith said.

Look, I can understand the reasons you might not want a public relationship. But then, we see the photos of you guys together, and – come on – it’s just too good. If I could just give you guys some advice, we can make this work. In fact, meet me at the next paragraph Cory.

Hey, Cory. Now I know your worried about the stresses of having a Hollywood relationship, but your looking at this all wrong. Your relationship with Lea is already beyond the friendship stage. I know that now that you’re an Hollywood celeb, the dating possibilities are endless. And you’re right, they totally are. But they will ruin you. Think about it: For multiple hours of the day, you’re paired up with a total fox who you’re around all the time and with whom you share a life goal (and who doesn’t bore you to tears). After the gagillionth time you’ve explained the extra hour you spent at the studio to your fire-pissed jealous girlfriend, you’ll realize it’s barely even worth texting it again. And then you’ll realize I was right. You’ve got a good one here. In fact, Lea, let’s talk for a second…

Hi, Lea. Look: I know at this point you’re probably saying something like, “But it’d be like dating my brother,” and that’s fair enough, but you’re just looking at it the wrong way – it’s all in your head. Besides, the seed has already been planted. As someone who has a little sister, I know for a fact that what you guys have is not a brother/sister relationship as you’ve put it(from

“I don’t have a crush on Cory!” she insists. “Cory is such a goofball. He’s like my brother. I swear to God, that kid can make me a laugh.”

I would more accurately describe your relationship as being in a strange gray zone between best friends forever and boyfriend/girlfriend. I mean, you guys make each other laugh, constantly see each other. Let’s face it, It’s going to be hard to find someone who doesn’t mind you hanging out with a handsome friend for several hours a day(and that doesn’t include photoshoots).

So, I realize you’ve already done a lot for us fans, but I’ll make you a deal: You guys promise to give it a go, and we’ll promise that nobody else will ever write you another mediocre open letter calling for your immediate engagement.

p.s. There, I’ve said what’s been on my mind all this time, now I feel better.

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