Safe to say “Never Been Kissed” is a good episode. There are some pretty big surprises in this one. Also, remember “Vitamin D”? Because, mash-ups are back! First I will start off by telling Finchel fans that there are not many Finn and Rachel scenes in this episode. That said, what we did get was awesome. First, it starts off with Finn and Sam bathing in the locker room. Sam asks Finn advice on how to “cool down” while making out. Finn tells Sam about the “mailman” and that’s when he realizes coach Beiste can be his version of the mailman. Eventually Quinn finds out, and after some misunderstandings and some advice from coach Sylvester the school figures out about it. This embarrasses coach Beiste which forces her to quit, Beiste later admits to Will she has never been kissed. Will confronts the Glee Club and everybody learns why Sam(and Tina) imagine coach Beiste. This is also when we get the Santana quote “This wouldn’t happen if everybody just put out”. The boys make it up to coach Beiste by doing their mash-up of “Stop! In the name of Love/Free Your Mind”.
Next interesting storyline is Puck and Artie. Puck gets paroled from juvie after agreeing to do community service, which he tells Artie would be helping a cripple(aka him). The first thing they do together is busk for money, they do “One Love”. They make around $300, Puck notices Artie wanting Brittany and decides to help him by going on a double date with Santana. Puck and Artie get along until Puck wants to dine and dash, he leaves Artie after Artie didn’t want to do it. Puck and Artie later make up when Puck is threatened with being sent back to Juvie(his parole officer thought he was helping “Crips” as in gang members).
The most memorable storyline is from Kurt. After more bullying from Karofsky(no Azimio) Kurt gets sick and tired of all the bullying he takes. He decides to check out the all boys school that will be their competition for sectionals. There he finds Blaine who is everything he is not; he is popular, well liked, and not picked on by anyone. Kurt is awestruck when Blaine and company sing “Teenage Dream”. He is also openly gay. Blaine inspires Kurt to find courage in himself to stand up to bullies. When Kurt later confronts Karofsky in the locker room, Karosky kisses him. This was one of the highlights of this episode, Max Adler did a terrific job in this scene. Kurt looks shocked by this and tells Blaine who comes over to try to help. Karofsky denies anything happened and we are left with Blaine buying lunch for Kurt.
Overall, another solid episode for “Glee”. Also, just so you know the girls sang “Start me up/Livin on a prayer” which was pretty good but I had some issues with the camera work. I would give this episode a good old “B”.
p.s. Boys totally won that mash-up duel.
Memoriable quotes: Rachel: “Spies!” Puck: “They kept taking my waffles.” Puck: “lego my Eggo!”


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Finally, somebody with common sense about this whole GQ cover controversy(which really shouldn’t be that controversial).

Hello there, fellow Gleeks! As you will learn today(October 19, 2010) there will be no new episode of “Glee” airing today due to a little sport known as baseball. Fret not, fellow Glee fans as there will be a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” themed episode airing next week. Trailers for the next episode suggest the Glee Club will be putting on a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” musical. I will watch the original “Rocky Horror Picture Show” soon and post a quick synopsis and review here hopefully by the end of the week. Otherwise, try checking out “No Ordinary Family” it’s decent and if you were a “Heroes” fan then you should like this show.

In other Glee related news there is a issue of GQ magazine coming up soon with Cory Monteith, Dianna Agron and Lea Michele on the cover! Just have to say that it’s all very sexy. I will not post them or a link because of one good reason. You will need time and plenty of fresh air to see it, trust me your minds will be thoroughly blown away. Shippers of Lea and Cory be warned this is powerful stuff. Also, for you fellow Canadians out there Cory will be hosting the Gemini Awards this year.

Anyways here’s a bit of a preview for next week.

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