I liked this episode, but just thought it was okay, nothing special. It wasn’t awful, but I thought some things about this episode were weird. First, I’ll start off saying there’s no finchel in this one shippers. Next the weird things, Mercedes obsessing about tattertots for one. It’s seems a little out of character for me to see Mercedes so into tattertots because of her supposed need for a boyfriend. I just didn’t buy it. Also, who would have foresaw Mercedes sticking tattertots up Sue Sylvester’s tail pipe? That’s pretty uncharacteristic of her. Next, Terri and Will having sex, doesn’t this go against what the first thirteen episodes of the first season. That they should not be together?
Okay, there were positives in this episode. Rachel’s storyline was fine in this episode. All of the song and dance numbers were good. I enjoyed “Forget You” and the mash-up of “Singin in the Rain/Umbrella”. The dancing by Mike Chang in “Make ‘Em Laugh” was nice. Overall, other than Mercedes’ storyline a good episode. I will give this one a C+. The Brittany quote of the night is “I stopped after M and N. I felt they were too similar and got frustrated.”


Glee: “Duets” Review

October 12, 2010

I know some people have been a little disappointed by the episodes so far this season, but this episode is different. The Finchel fans will love their scenes together. Their duets of “Don’t go Breaking My Heart” and “With You I’m Born Again” were cute and funny respectively. For people who thought Kurt acted inappropriately towards Finn in the first season, you will get to see Kurt learn that he needs to know when to stop before he almost tries the same thing with Sam who is now in the Glee Club. There are good scenes with Kurt and Rachel in this episode and share a nice duet together. For Artie and Brittany’s storyline, we see Brittany play Artie for his talent. A quick spoiler, Artie loses his virginity to Brittany! Who saw that coming? Also, a bit of a shocker, we see Brittany and Santana making in Brittany’s Bedroom. Next up, we finally get to see Mike Chang(Other Asian) sing! Well, not really sing actually, we get a duet of “Sing!” from the musical “A Chorus Line” with Tina doing most of the singing. Finally we see the beginning of a Sam and Quinn relationship which allows us to hear their wonderful rendition of “Lucky”. Just so you know know, Quick shippers Puck wasn’t around to stop Sam because apparently he is in juvie now. Anyways, “Duets” was a strong episode with good character development. My grade for this episode is a solid “A”.

Quick update(well, not really an update)
A listen of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”

I’ve decided lately to start writing my own reviews of the episodes of “Glee”. I’ll start by giving out letter grades to the episodes “Audition” and “Britney/Brittany”. Audition gets a A-, while Britney/Brittany gets a C-. I thought “Grilled Cheesus” was a nice improvement from the weak plot of the Britney episode. As an agnostic, I thought they generally handled the topic of religion well. At first though, I did have some issues with how the rest of the Glee club reacted to Kurt once they learned he did not believe in God. I was also surprised to learn how Kurt and Sue(and later Finn) seemed to be the only atheists at the school. I also thought that Puck singing “Only the Good Die Young” was a bit gratuitous and all it did was give Puck some dialog that we haven’t seen for a while.
Aside from that overall it was a good episode. Finn’s grilled cheesus storyline was funny and enjoyable. I’ll never forget how Finn says “thank you! Grilled Cheesus!”. I liked how Cory sang “Losing My Religion” it’s a personal favourite of mine, I think it shows that Cory’s singing has improved a lot since the first season. Also, the Finchel was good in this episode, Finn finally gets to touch Rachel’s boobs! The best part of the episode though was the Kurt/Burt storyline. Chris Colfer was amazing singing “I Want to Hold Your Hand”. Sue was also interesting in this episode; she showed Emma was wrong to push her beliefs on to others and came out more sympathetic than Emma did in that scene. Overall, I would give this episode a solid B.
Note:I love the little reference Kurt makes to the “flying spaghetti monster”.
(Also, sorry if this review sucks, i’ll do my best to make the other ones better.)

I’ve been wondering for a while if the six degrees of separation idea is true. Next thing I was wondering is if the six degrees of separation is true is that could I meet a celebrity(or celebrities). If I could meet I dunno… Scarlett Johansson or the cast of “Glee” with just a couple of e-mails that would be so cool. One of these days I will try it. It would just be awesome to meet Cory Monteith(or Chris Colfer, or Kevin McHale, or Lea Michele). Anyways I got a hit from someone searching for Cory Montieth.

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