The Olympics

March 2, 2010

The Olympics were great! During those two weeks the city has never been more alive. WE really showed off our patriotism during those two weeks. The best weeks in Vancouver, ever probably. It’s something the residents of this city will never forget.
I got to say that I enjoyed watching all of the Olympic events. I loved the closing ceremonies, the skeleton, moguls, curling, ice dancing, and most of all the hockey. Yes, I admit that as a guy i enjoyed watching ice dancing especially the pair of Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue. Of course this post would not be complete if I didn’t talk about the Gold Medal hockey game. Joy turned into nervousness which turned into relief and euphoria. unfortunately, I missed the crucial overtime goal as my cousin really wanted to go on the zip line. It was partly worth it, but part of me will always regret not watching that important game. I’ll post more thoughts at a later post, but i want to end asking “why aren’t Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue dating?” I mean they have so much chemistry and they look so good together. I think they should at least

It seems like Canadians would really get behind high-speed rail in Canada, so why don’t we? Right now, the only true high speed rail proposal is in California. Currently the liberal leader, Michael Ignatieff supports a high speed rail from Montreal to Windsor. I’m just surprised that in Canada, the home of Bombardier this idea has not yet taken off.

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