Glee:”Rocky Horror Picture Show” episode

October 19, 2010

Hello there, fellow Gleeks! As you will learn today(October 19, 2010) there will be no new episode of “Glee” airing today due to a little sport known as baseball. Fret not, fellow Glee fans as there will be a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” themed episode airing next week. Trailers for the next episode suggest the Glee Club will be putting on a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” musical. I will watch the original “Rocky Horror Picture Show” soon and post a quick synopsis and review here hopefully by the end of the week. Otherwise, try checking out “No Ordinary Family” it’s decent and if you were a “Heroes” fan then you should like this show.

In other Glee related news there is a issue of GQ magazine coming up soon with Cory Monteith, Dianna Agron and Lea Michele on the cover! Just have to say that it’s all very sexy. I will not post them or a link because of one good reason. You will need time and plenty of fresh air to see it, trust me your minds will be thoroughly blown away. Shippers of Lea and Cory be warned this is powerful stuff. Also, for you fellow Canadians out there Cory will be hosting the Gemini Awards this year.

Anyways here’s a bit of a preview for next week.


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